"Necessity is the mother of invention."           

Precision Octopi Camera Interface's  for ASI and QHY.

"Necessity is the mother of invention."   

These large CMOS  astro camera's coming to market are sure nice but unfortunately some may be a challenge to align orthogonal with the sensor . To make that task simpler, we have designed a precision tilt and back focus adjuster with ultra fine opto-mechanical systems that are used to position the camera in it's proper position in 3d space to allow you to place the  camera on the telescope where it should be and can be seen in real time.  These units have a typical back focus of about 5.5mm minimum and adjust to about 11mm maximum. There are units available for folks with refractors also  and units  designed to mount to a  filterwheel . Feel free to contact us if you have another need.

From prototype to production. This model can be used on a RASA or a Refractor and a SCT.

A production 4 tab adjuster.

Now available ready to attach to a Baader UFC.

Models for different filter wheels.

A different view  with the photo negative so you can see the difference between models.

Camera interfaces for a QHY600m on a QHY filter wheel and a QHY461 on a FLI filter wheel. The knobs are not used on current models.

ASI 6200 on a ASI filter wheel. Back focus is 3mm-10mm with a minimum of 3mm back focus and a design of 6mm for centering. The knobs are not used on current models.

A couple samples from my camera on first test run.

CCDInspector image taken the first night the adjuster was installed.