Some E-mail responses that may answer your questions

Here is a cut/paste from a response to another customer 5 minutes ago regarding his RASA 11"
"I can get one done in about a week that uses 200 tpi push screws and screws to a UFC, Parts in stock. $790 (new style)
I can get one done in about 2 weeks that uses differential adjuster and screws to a UFC. Shipping time on the D.A.'s $825 (original style)
I can get one done in about 6 weeks(lead time will shorten considerably after first batch) that is an integrated unit from scope to camera w/filter drawer with 200 tpi screws. $1100
All units use 100 tpi pull screws as they are used as lock screws and 100 tpi lateral adjusters are standard.
Customer supplies the UFC.
All new style interfaces will not have knobs as most folks use an Allen wrench but if you want to get them then they will cost extra.
I didn't want to make you one then change it up for a new design just after you bought one so it's your choice.
Also be aware that Baader screw in filters use some screwy proprietary design that is a tapered thread instead of a standard machine thread and is similar to a npt pipe thread and won't fully install in some sliders."
Right now I'm doing an overhaul on how these are made to better serve the folks that use them. I am working on a batch of 10 units for a RASA8 that includes a telescope adapter/filter drawer/camera interface(tilt unit) and this first batch will sell for $650 each and be finished in a couple weeks. After that I plan to make another batch of 10 for the RASA11 and they will be priced at $1100.
The filter sliders will be priced at $25 each and are made with a 3d printer by Joel at buckeye stargazer from Cloudy Nights. The 2" are already being produced and soon to have 50mm square. These filter sliders will be able to flip so you can use them on a refactor or a RASA by just flipping them and will swap between the RASA 8 and the RASA 11.